Bloody Mary

Dear readers,

It is 3:15am, I can’t sleep and I don’t have the motivation to study for an exam I have on Friday. As I was in bed trying to convince my body to go to bed, I realized it was all in vain and wasted effort and I should crawl here to tire myself out to the point where I go to bed. I thought how I haven’t posted anything on here for a while so in the spirit of Halloween, let me post a gory tale of my hook up past. Disclaimer; It will get graphic and there will be blood. Read on if you dare.

My sophomore year of college was an interesting time. I met a guy who I was really into and would always talk about him to my friends, since many were friends with him, in order to pass on that I was interested in him. I thought he was charming, into good music, really funny. Why wouldn’t I be attracted to a person like that. Well one night all of my dreams came true! After weeks of saying how into him I was (to everyone except him), I finally got a chance to be with him. I was hanging out with him and a whole bunch of our friends. We were watching videos, drinking, etc etc. Then as our friends were enthralled with a video, he turned and kissed me! Then he said the only 7 words I wanted to hear “Want to go back to my room?” (paraphrased my friends, my memory is not what she used to be). So we slyly leave the room (JK we just blatantly walked out, but hey the video was so interesting I’m sure they didn’t see us leave) and went into his room.

We start hooking up, my (wet) dreams coming true, when I still don’t know to this day what happened. It was definitely very wet, and I don’t know if he had used his fingers too hard but I felt something was very, very wrong. We both looked down at one point and his stomach was covered in blood. Readers, so much blood. I think we both had a freak out. It must of been some sick joke my body decided to play on me. I was MORTIFIED. He told me that it was perfectly fine, people get their period, except haha jokes, didn’t have my period. What was I to do. If there was a God and if he was gentle he would have transported me that second to a far, far, very far away place. (Except that I sin excessively so maybe it was some sort of punishment). We did the only possible thing that we could in that situation, we went to go shower the blood off.

Obviously in the shower we made out a little bit but he couldn’t really get hard, or in bed after which he was said was due to the incident… and I don’t blame him. I literally bled on him. I am amazed he kept talking to me afterwards. I am amazed he let me sleep over. What a kind gentle soul. I still think back to that moment and want to curl up in a ball and die. But hey that’s life. We hooked up a couple times again after that (blood free!!) and then he started dating someone and I was devastated.

Happy Halloween Readers! Have a safe, gore free holiday!


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