My Four Year Hook Up Love Story

Once upon a time I had an on and off again hook-up for four years. This is our story.

I don’t even remember how we met. I think I was super drunk with my best friend in a frat house and we were going off what a great fraternity it was and that the two guys we were talking to, he was one of them, should join it. (Jokes cause we stopped hanging out there after sophomore year.) But we met. And then met again and again, except he was always black out so he never remembered that he met me time and time again. In his drunken state he made up a nickname for me, Gertrude. (Flattering, I know). So the first time we hooked up, well made out, I was getting into an elevator with him, his friend, and myself. His friend got off on the fourth floor and he told me how he had laundry upstairs, since I was going up to the sixth floor. We got off the sixth floor, went up one more floor to the laundry room, got his laundry from the dryer, and made out on the dryers, until someone came in. (Romantic, I know). My roommate was out of town so I asked him back to my room. We made out, he took off his pants, and I told him I had my period. Done. End of year one.

Summer came and went and Sophomore year came. We saw each other here and there, said hi, and he made me laugh a couple times when I was studying with a friend and he was there. He still brings up those jokes to see if I’ll laugh. I was still Gertrude. I tried on occasion seducing him. Once it was me him and another girl in the room. I think he saw it as an opportunity for a threesome, even though he said he didn’t want to sleep with the other girl but hey a threesome. After a half hour of this, the girl asked me if I could go and leave them alone, I stormed out. (Subtle, I know). I was very set in having this happen and one night, drunken of course, I went into his room, confident and bold, and we slept together. We hooked up once or twice more that year. Done. end of year two.

Sophomore summer came and we were both in the same town for the summer, a street away. I came over one night and we watched a hockey game into overtime. It was taking too long so he asked me if I wanted to go upstairs, I said we can wait for the goal to see who won. We waited five more minutes and finally the team that he wanted to win scored. We went upstairs and slept together. I drove home after since he didn’t like sleeping with other people in the bed. (Straightforward, I know). The summer continued in the same fashion, me coming over, us sleeping together, his pillow talk only consisting of him talking about hunting, and he would take me home after. At one point though we did take a trip together, I took him to pick up a motorcycle, he took me out to lunch, I had some of his paper work that I returned to him later that night, and we went to Wal-Mart after. Our only date. What a summer fling.

Junior year came and he got back together with the girl he was dating Sophomore year, and I moved on to other loves and people I wanted to be with. We’d still text each other, the times when I got out of a hook-up fling, when he was broken up with his girlfriend. A semester of this. Winter break and we’re texting. He’s telling me about his new found love for emojis. He’s asking me to send naked pictures. He texts me “download emoji’s it’s unreal and I’ll show you bold.” I have never received a better text than that one. I still refuse to send him anything. Finally spring semester came and what a hell of a semester (I guess what a hell of a year but I digress). Spring break came around and we were snap chatting back and forth, talking about how we would see each other when we got back, asking for the occasional sext, me not going past my bra and underwear (cause he’s only a hook-up and doesn’t deserve even that). He promised me that he would text me so that we would hook up when we got back, but he never did, even though I saw him the Sunday before classes started up again. I texted someone I had a fling with during spring break the moment after I saw him because I was like fuck waiting around for him. (Desperate, I know). I started to become invested in the spring break fling but he would still message me. I would ward off going over only to get responses of ‘cold’ from him since I did actively engage in conversation. Done. End of year three.

Summer after Junior year things were going terribly with spring break fling. He returned home and the other guy texted me asking if I wanted to come over. I told him no since I wouldn’t want to tell spring break fling that I had slept with someone in the time frame we were on a break. (Stupid, I know). And you know what. He was so comforting and gave some great advice that maybe spring break fling wanted to see other people, I was just too stubborn to accept it. In the three years that was the most genuine moment I had ever seen from him. So we didn’t talk for a little bit, while I was a mess.

Senior year came and I saw him on Halloween. I had done a Halloween frat crawl with my friend. (Fratty, I know). We were texting back and forth. I had told him how I had been at his fraternity earlier and he asked me to come back. So I did. He showed me his dental scrubs that he got from his grandfather that were his costume and we made out in the stairwell. We went upstairs and slept together and discussed what had happened over the summer. So used to our routine I knew I had to leave afterwards, so I left. We texted over thanksgiving break and winter break, talking of seeing one another. We didn’t see each other for a while. Done. End of year four.

I fell into another fling, graduated, went to Russia, came back, and was heartbroken. I texted him again seeing what he was up to these days, since I knew he was still in town. I came upstairs and after some shallow small talk, we slept together. Sprawled out in his bed, he told me about hunting and looking for work. He asked me to leave, using the same excuse he had for years. I lost all spark I had for him. I didn’t text him again after that. We ran into each other at a bar recently and gave each other a hug and caught up a bit but I was meeting up with someone he didn’t like so we didn’t talk long. Done. End of hook-up



  1. Inspired Witness · July 19, 2015

    This was so sad😕


    • onikolayeva · July 19, 2015

      I agree. I cried as I wrote the last line. Thanks for reading!


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