Donnie Darko

What could possibly make me want to name a title of an entry Donnie Darko? A fatal night at a mixer and the boy I met at it. It wasn’t really fatal but hey the drama draws you in doesn’t it?

As previously mentioned, I was our dance group’s social chair so I was the one who set up all the mixers. Well one of the mixers I set up was with the crew team. I was friends with one of the guys on the team and we had talked about it for a while. We ended up doing a tie party, where everyone got dressed up and when we got there you pick a tie, meet the person and then mingle. Genius. Getting people to socialize. My introverted personality loves it.

It’s a really snowy day but the team was nice enough to pick us up from campus and drive us over. I invite my sister to come to this mixer as well. We get there and start drinking, start meeting people, start talking, and start dancing. Well I notice I am getting drunk pretty fast but continue to move the party forward. I switch ties to meet someone new. I wish, reader, you could meet him in person. He made me laugh so much and has a very interesting personality and way of speech. So we get to talking, he tells me about the fraternity he was in (which I had hung out with a lot my freshman and sophomore year), and I somehow end up with his twitter information. Highlight tweet: I’m a lion in a pack of lions. Dying. Through my twitter he also saw that I was following someone who I hooked up with in his fraternity and he questioned me about it, only for us to snapchat said hook up buddy later. The joys of social media. At least it was out in the open about our history.

We’re sitting on the stairs talking when all of a sudden we start making out. HOW? I was very hazy at this point but the next thing I know we’re going upstairs and end up in the attic. I think in an attempt to be sexy he pushed me onto a bed/ bed frame that was up there only for me to fall and crash through it. I’m pretty sure I bruised myself and definitely felt it in my back the next morning. I laughed really hard at this and realize I hadn’t seen my sister in a while. Crew boy gets my number as I leave to go find my sister, stumbling around. I find her, having the time of her life, and one of my friends is able to drive us home. Meanwhile, crew boy is texting me saying how I should come over, etc. I respond I can’t cause my sister is here and he tells me how I could bring her and she could hang out with other people. I just couldn’t leave her so alas it was the end of that. For the night at least.

The next morning my poor sister is inebriated. She slept until 6pm.*** I got up around 10 or 11am and started doing work when I got a text from crew boy. What could he possibly want? He actually said in his text, “you thought I wouldn’t text you but here I am texting you.” I must say, I was charmed. So we got to talking and talked about hanging out. He invited me over to “watch a movie.” I’m going to digress for a second.

I actually love this line. It’s so innocent to watch a movie but everyone knows what it implies. It’s amazing how much implicature is in that single phrase. “Lets watch a movie”: Depending on the context it could actually be hey lets watch a movie or hey lets fuck until the sun comes up. Again, I digress.

We continue texting about our movie situation. He has a stipulation that it can’t be a chick flick. He lists off the movies he has and I’ve seen them already but he can also stream something. So I list off a couple movies I’ve never seen, including Donnie Darko. From the things I’ve heard about Donnie Darko this is not a movie to set the mood for a lets fuck until the sun comes up situation. Oh well, the plan was set, we would hang out and watch Donnie Darko.

Well it turns out that in that same day I had a Friendsgiving to go to! I told crew boy that depending on when I got done that I could come over after. So we had our dinner, my now roommate made our very traditional lasagna along with mashed potatoes, vegetables, and the actual parts of a Thanksgiving meal. I texted crew boy telling him that my dinner was ending and he was coming back from the library so it worked out well! I was enroute to “watch” Donnie Darko.

It turns out that his fraternity was having a pledge event and we needed to kill some time before we could go into the house so we went on a walk by the river. We talked about sports, our families, his ambitions, my thoughts. We at one point sat at the dock, looked out onto the river who’s ugliness was disguised by the darkness and reflecting lights. It may have been snowing, lets say it was for imagery sake. Finally the pledge event was over and we could go to his room. When we got there and he showed me his “sick set up.” (paraphrased, it’s been years since this incident, like I can remember his exact wording). He pulled out the mattress from his bed and set it up so we could watch the movie. And it starts, and it’s weird, and we start making out, and we start doing stuff, only to have flashes of the rabbit mask. Let me tell you, it’s hard staying in the mood when a creepy bunny mask comes onto the screen. I was intrigued by the movie and kind of wanted to know what was going on. Also, my poor crew boy wasn’t able to perform due to having taken Adderall to help him study and this is already a big pet peeve because I had run into so many guys in the previous months that had this issue. Sexual frustration to the side, we stopped and talked about it. He told me after the incident that I seemed chill and should sleep over since he didn’t have early morning practice and I did. Although nothing may have happened sleeping, it was nice to be held and to have human contact. Just the comfort of another body next to me is a fix that I often crave.

The next morning we tried hooking up again but he had apparently never had his roommate walk in on him and even though his roommate had gone to go shower, he didn’t want for this to be the first that that could potentially happen, which is fine, and we just lay there and talked. Soon I ended up going home but I ended up going over again on a different night. This time we listened to bluegrass music and he told me about his love for Kanye. We then listened to Kanye and again started the process of hooking up. At one point he told me that I had a great body. How did he know? Because as someone who works out, he knows good bodies. I died laughing on the inside. But once again the inability to perform happened. I was confused, since he had known I would be over and wouldn’t of taken Adderall again. It turned out that he was in an open relationship and that the condom made it so it wasn’t as sensitive. In a great metaphor he told me, “It’s like tasting something with a plastic bag over your tongue.” I never understood the sentiment more than in that moment. To sum up how I reacted; upset about the previous Adderall use, not about to not use a condom with someone I barely knew especially since his excuse was that it would make him hard if we didn’t use one, and upset about the open relationship, I most likely just got upset and left. I’d been so frustrated by the amount of people that I had been with recently who had gotten out of relationships or were in open ones, that I wasn’t about to involve myself into another situation like that.

We still get along great. Whenever I saw him on campus we would stop and chat. He was goofy in his own way that I loved running into him and listening to him talk. I will never forget the fact that he thought it would actually be sexy to try to hook up to Donnie Darko…

***To bring this story full circle, it took me months to understand why my sister was so hungover for so long. I felt pretty bad the next day but not sleep til 6pm bad. Well friends, the punch at the mixer had Ever Clear in it. My friend who I worked with to set up the mixer told me about their punch recipe months later and it all clicked. Sorry Sis.


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