Hot Med Student Kid

Some of you (the few of you) may be wondering… How did I come up with the title to this blog? Do I desperately give out my number to that many people? Are there REALLY that many guys out there that have my number? Why is it cryptic? Who is this guy?

Well, lucky you get to read about the inspiration behind the title of my blog: Hot Med Student Kid (HMSK).

This story starts out much like my tinderella story, except that I came back from Russia, found out the guy I was into got back with girlfriend. The only way I found out was by asking him after being ignored for 10 days. I had never felt so betrayed or hurt, it’s a long story and little more than just a guy I was into. My only rational choice was to hook up with an old fling who was much less stellar than the previous times we’d been together (More blog posts on them later. Thanks for being my inspiration!!).

I was as per usual, desperate to meet new people post graduation, especially young date-able, successful men. One of my old friends texted me saying that his friend just moved into town, is going to be in med school, and that his girlfriend told me that he should tell me that his friend is hot. I was intrigued. Who is this guy? My friend asked me if he could give him my facebook information, but at this point I had deleted my facebook due to guy who got back together with his girlfriend (depressing times my friends, depressing times). I gave him the other rational contact information I could think of, my e-mail and LinkedIn information . You know in the days of phone numbers and texting, e-mail and LinkedIn are the way to go. So my friend, realizing how silly of a request that was, gave his friend my number. And I waited, and waited, and waited…  Nothing. No text. No hey I’m new in town lets go get a drink. I was talking on the phone to my friend about how I should just write a book about my failed attempts at love and he suggested a title from my story : There’s some guy out there and he has your number. BAM. Inspiration. Clever, witty, enticing. I was all for it.

So what happened to this Hot Med Student Kid? Well as I was checking my e-mail, I got an e-mail from LinkedIn saying that someone viewed my profile… Three days ago. Hot Med Student Kid LOOKED AT MY LINKEDIN 3 DAYS BEFORE AND HADN’T CONTACTED ME…. Did he think I wouldn’t see it? At least give me the courtesy to connect to me professionally. So I did the only aggressive move I have ever done in my dating history, I sent him a connection invite on LinkedIn. And you know what? He texted me a couple hours later.

If that’s not the best digital age love story you’ve read, I don’t know what is. So we started texting, getting to know one another, and decided to go out for a drink. I told him I would meet up with him after swing dancing, so we went to a bar on a Wednesday night and sat, had a beer, and got to know one another. Innocent enough, right? Right. He even paid for my drink. So sweet. As we left the bar, I started heading towards my car that was parked across the street, leaving him to the curb. He made up some excuse that brought me back to his side of the street and he gave me a kiss goodbye. My stomach had butterflies. I was excited! My first date in a while. With a cute potential doctor, who just finished a Fulbright year. He had everything going for him. We made plans to have lunch the next day.

Before our lunch date, HMSK texted me to see if his roommate and his girlfriend could come along. So much happening so quick. We go from an introduction date to a double date! It was really nice. We had some laughs, good food, good company. They invited me to go out for drinks later that night but I had already made plans to drive out to Albany for a friend’s concert. Alas, my HMSK would have to wait. So we kept texting, he may have added me on snapchat (bold moves). We made plans to hang out that weekend.

So why didn’t I marry him in a heartbeat? Well my friends, things turned fairly quickly. I think it was fair to say, my dear hot med student kid, hadn’t slept with anyone in a while. We had our plans to go out for drinks during the weekend, I was exhausted from the Albany drive that I went to bed early on Friday but was all ready for Saturday… Then he canceled drinks on me! And wanted me to come over after. First of all, no. Make an effort. I’m not going to come over to your place after you canceled us hanging out hours earlier. Maybe if we went out together I would go home with you together. Anyways, he kept snapchatting me, adding more and more sexual questions. Highlight: Him asking me via snapchat if I had ever gotten a facial… Boys, man. They’re something.

So long story short, we played this game of hey lets hang out but not hang out. He would text me, ask me how life was but never actually invite me over. Finally, I had a night where I was making banana bread and HMSK was texting me, yet not specifically inviting me over. So I made the move. I asked him if he wanted me to bring him banana bread. If there’s any excuse to go over to someone’s house at midnight on a weeknight, use the “let me drop off some banana bread to you” excuse. So I went over, all his housemates are asleep and we finally hook-up. I think one of my conditions was that I stopped mid hook-up and said, please don’t give me a facial. So sexy. We had a laugh. And then I left. He almost wanted to give me back the banana bread I brought him. No, no HMSK, that banana bread is for you to keep.

Initial sexual contact: Accomplished. So we kept talking and he invited me out to go get drinks. I come after work, definitely not as dressed up as the other grad students and future doctors but I’m sure he found it charming. Or I could only hope. After a couple drinks we go back to his place, hook-up, and get to talking. Pro-tip, don’t have pillow talk, just don’t do it. Maybe it would have saved me some grief. We got to talking and he told me how he was very recently out of a relationship. Great, my past 2 years of guys that I have been attracted to/ with… The ones that are fresh out of a relationship. So I naturally got upset, even though he didn’t know why. And then he did it, he turned to me and told me that he wasn’t looking for anything serious. Right after we had sex. Bold move HMSK, bold move. I was upset. Who did he think he was to assume I wanted a long term serious relationship with him? I was more upset I put myself into another situation where this happened more so than the fact that we wouldn’t have a long term relationship. I will give him credit that I admire how straightforward he was about his intentions, even if it had poor execution.  So I naturally stormed off crying. The next day I explained myself to him and I went out with him and his roommates to get a drink. It was nice, and then I left to go meet up with my other friends.

So HMSK ended up turning into a little fling. We’d hook up here and there. We have this really weird habit of texting one another when we’re out of town or sleeping. Never fails. And then we just talked to one another less and less.

Until this past weekend. Where I became desperate and decided, hey you know who I haven’t talked to since April, HMSK. So I texted him…. at midnight…. on a Friday night…. to see “how he was doing”. Coy. We chatted a bit and then he dropped the bomb. He was in NYC for the weekend, AND he was seeing someone. Oh you heart-breaker you. I wished him the best and told him I wouldn’t bother him anymore. But he was nice about it. It may have not worked out between us but at least we can be on speaking terms.

While no romantic relationship developed from the guy who had my number, he did give me one thing: a beautiful title idea for my blog. Thanks Hot Med Student Kid. I owe you one.


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