Sing Me a Song, Acapella Man

Before the start to my senior year in college, I was elected to be the social chair of the dance group that I was in. Being the ISFP that I am, I was thrilled (No sarcasm). So I worked diligently over the summer to think of mixers to have, where to have them (my house), and with who. I had always had dreams of being serenaded, so the acapella  groups were a big priority for me to try to get mixers with. After I had contacted a friend, who was social chair of his acapella group, we set up the first mixer of the semester.

What is a mixer? A mixer is when two groups come to together to binge drink, dance to music, and dress up. Since our mixer fell on Friday the 13th, we had a Friday the 13th (I’m so clever) mixer where the colors were black and red. My friend came over a little early to help set up and he brought his friend along. He had black swag hair that had a smooth flow. He had the most deepest, seductive voice that I had ever heard. I was in love. I just wanted to have him talk/sing to me for the rest of my life. Long story short; the mixer happened, a freshman ran down the street and threw up, a faux orgy may or may not have happened in my living room (the world will never know), and Dark-haired Acapella boy left. I’ll refer from him now on as D.a.b.

Well that didn’t stop me from seeing him around campus. I would see him outside of Starbucks and stare, and honestly that was about it. I tried really hard to be around the places where I thought we might randomly bump into each other, but we never did. So I moved on. D.a.b. had a pretty generic first name so I thought his name was Eric for the longest time. There was even one time when I went to their acapella concert, I turned to my roommate and said, look that’s the kid, I think his name is Eric only for him to promptly call out to the audience “Hi everyone, my name is D.a.b.”

Spring semester rolls around, I still see him around and finally learn his name. We didn’t really chat. I’m really selling my love for him aren’t I? As Spring Break started to roll around my friends and I started to make plans. I ended up going with 8 other girls to Puerto Rico, and guess who was going as well… Any guesses? That’s right D.a.b. and his acapella crew. I was ecstatic. One of the girls on the trip was also really good friends with D.a.b. so I professed my love for him to her. We fly in, get some sleep, unpack, lay on the beach, and we decide to go into Old San Juan. Lo and behold, the acapella boys drive by us. We hang out, take some pictures, watch them serenade a woman who was pretty not into it. Typical stuff. Then we just kept doing our own thing, but the acapella boys really wanted us to join them and go out for drinks and eventually get to their place an hour away to spend the night.

Well when in Puerto Rico, why not rent a car and drive out to the middle of no where to stay with some acapella friends? We got so lost on the way there that the boys had to come find us and drive us to their place. By that point we were all miserable and wanted to get drunk. We had some rum that was infused into a watermelon, rum, and beer. Classic Puerto Rico.

Side note: I should say that there was another acapella boy that was interested in me. My friend summed our relationship up perfectly: “He’s telling everyone around you that he wants to hook up with you, but he is in no way telling you he wants to.”

So we’re in the pool and D.a.b and other acapella boy take an interest in my tattoo. We talk about philosophy, life, existential things and of course I veer towards D.a.b as our conversations progress. We spend the night together talking, watching the waves roll in, the boys sing tunes, someone scrape up their knee, and watching the ring with 6 other people in the bed with us. It was magical, although nothing happened between us. I did end up getting his number the next day, when they came to visit our side of the beach We spent the rest of vacation dancing around each other and chatting. Alas, I was more enchanted than ever.

When we returned, we kept talking, having those deep existential talks. It felt nice to have that for once since so many people I had been seeing had been shallow and boring to talk to. So this went on for a week, until he finally confessed why he acted the way that he did… He was in love with someone else who was abroad. He told me how much he did like me but there was someone else. After all my relationships and encounters I knew the only step so that neither of us would get hurt, we had to stop talking. This was really hard to do but I knew I couldn’t be something that he wanted if he was in love with someone else.

So we stopped. No texting, snap chatting, even in person. There was a night at one of the fraternities that I hung out at, that we ended up talking on the stair case for an hour, and then eventually in another stairwell for an hour, and then we came to the conclusion that he was still interested in the other person, and I went home with my friends, to be sad and mourn what could have been.

We saw each other at the acapella formal and danced together, but at that point I had accepted what we were and wasn’t that upset when I came home alone, I was also hammered and seeing someone else by that point. We snap chatted on and off for the summer and fall semester but then he got back together with the girl he had been seeing before she went abroad. I was happy that he could be in love and have someone.

Note: Still taking applications for falling in love with someone who will serenade me and have existential talks.


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