Love and the City

Readers, to the few of you who exist. I’m about to tell the tale of the guy who I fell in love with hardest and the most magical weekend I have ever had. I almost wish I could use his real name because his name just shoots out adoration. Ugh stop. So for story sake I’m going to call him Elijah.

After my freshman year of college, circa 2011, I actually kept in touch with some of my high school friends. This is one of the only summers I returned home for the summer in order to work (Waitressing, we’ll get to those stories some day). One of my friends invited me to go to his younger brother’s graduation party. So, I drive over, my friend Chad (alter ego names for my friends, why Chad? I don’t know, it felt right.) meets me and introduces me to some of his cousins, one of them being Elijah. I was pretty oblivious and saw my step-cousin and decided to go over and discuss how awkward it was to see each other under-age drinking (in not quite those words). Then I saw one of my friends who joined the Marines after high school and talked to him for a while. Elijah, who was one of the cousins I met, came over and talked to my Marine friend and me for a bit, but mainly talked to my Marine friend. I had no way to interject, since I had not served in the army nor had I attended a military based high school, which Elijah had. After ten minutes of just standing there listening I decided to find someone else to talk to and leave the conversation I had unintentionally been ostracized in.

So I went about my way and somehow Elijah turned up by my side and we got to talking as well. I think he was impressed that I actually had things to talk about. I told him the books I had read that summer (Water for Elephants, and to redeem myself, Catcher in the Rye), discussed my freshman year of college, and it’s been so long I don’t really recall what else was said. I just found myself slowly slipping into love*.

We talked for so long and he ended up mentioning that he was in New York City for the summer and if I ever had any free time I should visit. I don’t usually take vacations and had to pay for quite a few things myself but the opportunity to have a beautiful guy show me a city I love so much had presented itself, how could I turn it down. Oh yeah he was a complete stranger I had known only an hour, but love man, it’s a crazy thing.

After a while it was getting late and I had to be up early for work. I had to say my goodbyes so Elijah did the only sensible thing: he asked for my facebook information. Because 21st century and phone numbers are obsolete. Whatever, I was overjoyed. As I left I didn’t know what to do with my new met love, so I shook his hand goodbye. I went to say goodbye to Chad, told him how I was in love with his cousin, and hid my face as I was leaving so to hide my beaming face. A couple days later Elijah wrote on my wall. A big deal back in the old facebook days. That ladies is how you know a guy likes you, he makes his interactions PUBLIC TO THE WORLD. (I’m being sarcastic, please don’t ever take anything here seriously in regards to guys). We ended up messaging and I found a weekend in July that I would come down to visit.

The date was approaching and finally I took my first ever train ride to NYC. It was on a delay so I ended up not even getting into NYC until late into the night, ruining any afternoon plans. I got off the train at Penn Station and was trying to figure out how to find him. Elijah found me and instead of greeting me with a handshake he gave me a hug. I finally got to get a better look at him in person rather than the dark party scene, or candid photos from facebook. He had amazing features; tall, built, luxuriant dark hair, and the brightest bluest eyes I have ever seen.

We took the subway and he advised me to watch my stuff so I wouldn’t get pick-pocketed, we went and got subs from a place close to the dorms he was staying in, and went back to his place and stayed up chatting for a while. About what, I can’t remember. I just remember getting ready for bed, retainer and all, going into the spare bedroom (because he set up a bed in the living room for himself (#whatagentleman)), and going to bed.

Fore-warning: This was so long along that a lot of these events are going to be out of order.

Next morning I woke up bright and early got ready and noticed that he was nowhere to be found. I didn’t know what to do so I ate a yogurt and read a little bit until Elijah came back. I think he was just outside talking on the phone. We started our day of activities! We first went to the cloisters where we walked around looked at a whole bunch of religious things. It was beautiful. Also the weather in NYC was perfect sunny beautiful times. We walked around the park and then decided to go to Columbus circle where we encountered a man approaching us for money and exploring through William-Sonoma. The juxtaposition of New York.

I told him about how much I wanted to go to Columbia and he took me there and I just spun around taking everything that was Columbia. Then, we wandered around central park talking about our hopes and dreams, he wanted to become a lawyer/ is in the process of doing so. I told him my dreams of going to med school being crushed by my sub par GPA of freshman year. Then we decided to head back to his place and explore campus before taking a nap and going out. We saw the church on his campus, he told me about his freshman dorm experiences, and we got to the library. It was closing and Elijah talked the guy to letting us take a quick tour. We ran into all the rooms and checked out the stacks (where he of course mentioned that if you have sex there you probably won’t graduate (school superstitions at their finest)). I know it sounds cheesy but it felt right out of a movie where the place was closing last minute and we got the chance to just roll in, fall in love, and leave.

After we went and took a nap before going out. We did a lot in just one day. I still have the whole rest of this blog post to write out. I’m not even positive I can finish it to keep it entertaining enough to keep reading. BUT STICK WITH ME READERS!

We wake up from our nap and start drinking. I brought a bottle of my dad’s home made wine (yo friends want some? He’s trying to sell his homemade wine and beer. PM me.). Being out of practice I got drunk real fast but I was enjoying our building sexual tension and need to get ready to go out. So he went to go shower, we took a couple shots, drank a couple beers, and I put on a nice dress. I have a distinct memory of getting really upset that he was going to wear jeans out while I was dressed up in a black dress and heels. Silly drunk me. He ended up changing. Releasing sexual tension aside, we finally got out. I was real drunk and we went to this bar that doesn’t ID because little old me was underage. I just remember getting a glass of wine and us chatting and him being really excited about this place that him and his friends go to to get chicken and rice. He was so set on this chicken and rice. I ran through the city with him in heels and my intoxicated state to finally get to this stand to experience this chicken and rice. To be fair, it was pretty incredible. So we took the midnight (2am?/3am?) subway home. I was tired and exhausted and fell asleep on the ride back as he was playing youtube videos to me on the subway. We walked a tremendous amount of stairs to get to the campus (all in heels to reiterate what a blackout champ I was) and fell asleep.

The next morning, we talked about the events that happened the night before. I won’t go into detail but pretty much one of the conversation went

Me: Don’t think I’m a slut.

Elijah: Don’t call yourself a slut unless you think you are a slut.

Boom, experience that started shaping my love life. So on went the following day. My high school art experience was heavily focused on pop art and modern art so I really wanted to go to the MOMA, just because I had heard so much about it. Elijah, while willing to go, was less enthused. He said he would leave if he saw something obscure objects hanging from the ceiling and then it being called art. So we go, I don’t have my student ID with me, because why would I need it in the summer? Elijah sweet talks his way into us both getting student priced MOMA tickets and we start to look around. Highlights; The Soup Cans by Andy Warhol, Starry Nights by Van Gogh, and Water Lilies by Monet. Lowlights; Russian photographs of old people naked in the dark outside, obscure art I don’t remember appreciating, and to Elijah’s horror, shovels hung down from a ceiling. Hey, I get it. When I saw Malevich’s Black Square, I wanted to throw something at it because he pioneered something so simple to be so famous. Genius man, it’s hard to come by.

We left the MOMA to go to a museum Elijah was very keen on showing me, The Museum of Natural History. He had said how his grandparents were very excited the last time they were in the city to go see it. We went, walked around, nothing super special. He then took me to go get baked good from Magnolia Bakery. We got some desserts that I don’t remember but we got there really delicious blueberry bars. They were so sweet and scrumptious. We had also gotten tickets to go to a comedy show so we were waiting around for that. I bought some make up for my sister, spilled out my insecurities about my family and finances, and talked to him about future plans.

Finally, it was time to go to the comedy club. He went in as under since I couldn’t buy drinks and we sipped on dat cranberry juice. We sat second row from the front to the left side, so we might be a part of the jokes. While the two tables of couples in the front middle got harassed by the comedians, we sat quietly waiting to it to be our turn and trust me our turn came. The comedian started talking about what a real couple is and asked a lot of them if they ever had to have the abortion talk. He asked 2/3 couples before turning to us and asking the same thing to see if we were a real couple or not. Not only did we not know what to say, but we stared at each other in horror thinking we were classified as a couple from only knowing each other a couple days and having very few sexual encounters. Of course we didn’t have have the abortion talk, but we were also never going to have the ‘what are we talk’, the ‘exclusive talk’, the ‘boyfriend/girlfriend talk’. Too real man, too real.

We went home and just ended up drinking some Carlo Rossi, #sofancy, and “watching a movie”. The next morning we just talked and walked around a little bit, exploring the neighborhood close by that was surrounded by gorgeous houses. Then came time for me to get on the train back. We got to Penn station, waited, and finally he walked me down. I remember distinctly kissing his cheek goodbye and him giving me a quick kiss on the cheek as well. The end of the perfect weekend of running around NYC, culturing ourselves, and connecting.

Later that year, he got back together with his ex-girlfriend, and I moved on to new guys. We didn’t talk until the end of his junior year where we reminisced about that weekend and I so desperately wanted to try and make it down to see him, and he was receptive yet unresponsive about it at the same time. Things faded and I got upset. But alas, I wanted to preserve that weekend as it was and not spoil the person I remembered him as. Did I drunkly text him one summer night telling him my frustration about his unresponsiveness? Yes. Was I also in the wrong for the way I talked to him and directly telling him I wanted to preserve the image of him? Yes.

I still look back to that weekend as one of my most favorite encounters, adventures, and loves.

*Disclaimer: I love a lot of people. This is not a true love, but I love using the word love, so I love everyone.


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