Starcrossed Lover Texts pt 1

“Today I met and fell in love with someone from the class of 2018 (literally knew each other for like 10 seconds and had a 2 line interaction) until a girl came out to meet him and they walked away together. #foreverstarcrossedfallinginlove”

There’s no good story to this. I was waiting on the steps of our University library for my roommate to go to a talk on a Ferguson. I saw some of my friends and chatted with them. Then this kid walked up, dropped a paper, we had our two line interaction, he waited around for a little bit while I was thinking of other things I could try to say to have a conversation, and then the girl he was meeting came outside and they left. C’est la vie. I send these texts to my best friend and in many ways immortalize the fleeting feelings.


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